But first, Coffee

Enjoy your favorite or discover something new! With so many choices of flavor (many of which are made in-house by our baristas), the possibilities are endless! NEW: Free Small Birthday Cake Latte on your birthday; just show our friendly baristas your driver's license!
Be sure to check out our monthly features for a special drink that’s sure to satisfy your seasonal cravings! Each week, one of our specials will be available at a discount, so you get a chance to try all of the fantastic flavors! See our menu of options below!

Don't let your coffee get lonely!

We also offer a variety of fresh baked goods, courtesy of Whole Foods Co-Op (right here in Erie), including muffins, cookies, and scones.  Fresh biscotti is baked by Delectabites (also in Erie), and we also offer English muffins with house-made butters! Our English muffins are also available as sandwiches, adding a delicious combination of lunchmeats and cheeses, for a snack that’s a bit more filling.

Special Drink Alert

Stop in to see our special creations for MAY!
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We are so proud to offer coffee and espresso roasted by the awesome folks at Commonplace Coffee.

We proudly serve Adagio teas — some varieties vary seasonally.

Loose Leaf

Chai Latte

Iced Tea

Earl Gray Lavender

Citrus Mint Green

Formosa Oolong


Masala Chai

Irish Breakfast



Turmeric Bliss

Lemongrass Ginger

Berry Cream Compote


Ice cream, chocolate sauce, and espresso.


Includes 1 flavor. Served with housemade whipped cream.

Espresso Shake

Served with housemade whipped cream.

Child’s Shake

Includes 1 flavor. Served with housemade whipped cream.

Hot Chocolate

Served with housemade whipped cream.


Includes 1 flavor. Served with housemade whipped cream.

Oreo & Juliet Milkshake

Vanilla Oreo Milkshake

Orthello Espresso Shake

Oreo Espresso Milkshake







White Chocolate




Dark Chocolate

Flavor Shot

Espresso Shot

Whipped Cream